• AUG. 2011: Tuvalu Design begins a contract with Just Share It to be their design studio of record.
    • JUNE 2011: Tuvalu Design is tapped to create the brand strategy and identity for Digital Gift Bags™. Libby designed the logo and wrote the tagline More goodies, less bag™.
    • JAN. 21–23, 2011: Compostmodern ’11 Conference
    • AUG. 2010: Libby becomes project manager for the Compostmodern 2011 2-day conference, sponsored by AIGA, San Francisco.
    • APRIL 22, 2010, Earth Day: Libby launches Tuvalu Design
    • JAN. 2010: Libby begins her visual notetaking duties for AIGA's ongoing D-Talk series of discussions.