About Tuvalu

Tuvalu Design combines my passions for protecting our environment and being a designer. Working in the business of visual design, I have always had to meet or beat a deadline. The consequences of missing one could mean bad news for me, but nobody would actually die as a result.

Tuvalu Aerial View and Tuvalu GirlsWhen I first read about the island nation of Tuvalu (pronounced TOO-vah-loo), located in the South Pacific near Fiji, I learned that they too are on a deadline. By the end of this century, if not mid-century, the country needs to relocate all 10,000-plus citizens to higher ground. If this doesn’t happen in time, the entire country will literally be under water. Their story so inspired me, I decided to name my business in their honor.

The Tuvaluans can draw a straight line between the evidence of global warming and its cause: industrialized nations slow to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In other words, we have already missed our deadline.

However, Tuvalu is not going down without a fight. Their website along with social networking has brought awareness and support to their cause.

So, the idea that a small nation – the fourth smallest in the world – could raise such a high profile for itself gives me hope for our planet. It proves that even the least of us – the tiniest country, foundation, business or community – can make a difference.

We just have to get the word out.

Images of Tuvalu by Ashley Cooper for Global Warming Images.